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The Windiko reviews on Trustpilot are not convincing. There are not many comments from customers and there are few reviews. The lack of real customer feedback makes Windiko look suspicious. In addition, there are no social profiles on Windiko. This makes it difficult to read real reviews and make an informed decision. The Windiko reviews on Trustpilot are therefore useless.

Windiko is a reliable clothing and footwear company

If you are looking for a reliable clothing and footwear company that offers a large variety of items, Windiko is the place to go. They offer a large selection of shoes, clothes, and accessories and you can find them all on their website. Although the company does not offer cash-on-home delivery, you can still expect to receive your orders the same day. There are also no hidden costs and they offer free shipping on all orders.

Although Windiko is a legitimate clothing and footwear company, there are some issues with its website. The website is difficult to navigate and lacks legitimate customer reviews and social profiles. As a result, it is difficult to tell whether the company is a scam or a trustworthy brand.

Trustpilot lacks comments

Trustpilot is a website for businesses that allows customers to leave reviews. You can read reviews and write your own. The reviews are published on the Trustpilot website, so you can be sure they’re authentic. However, some Windiko reviews are missing, and the business has yet to respond to requests for comment. To get the reviews, you need to create a user profile.

There are some negative reviews on Trustpilot that were flagged by the company and have been removed from the website. Some of them are posted by companies that buy fake reviews online. This practice is not uncommon, but it does not look very good for a business. This company has received many fake reviews and has failed to respond to customer complaints.

The lack of comments on Windiko reviews is another reason for Windiko’s poor rating on Trustpilot. It doesn’t have as many reviews as other review platforms and does not have any social pages, so it’s not appealing to potential buyers. And, because Windiko lacks comments on Trustpilot, the company may be duping buyers with bogus reviews.

The new regulations should put a focus on companies that don’t comply. Sadly, enforcement is difficult and most regulatory bodies are under-resourced and ineffective. However, businesses pay Trustpilot a fee to use the site, and it is only right that these fees are spent on making sure the site operates fairly. The website should improve its fraud detection algorithms and take tough action against repeat offenders.

Trustpilot is not appealing to buyers

We analyzed Trustpilot as a review platform for Windiko and found that it has few genuine reviews. Its website is lacking comments and social pages, making it difficult to find any legitimate reviews. It is a bit of a scam and is not appealing to buyers of Windiko.

The main problem is that Trustpilot doesn’t decide which review is more accurate than the others. The site allows anybody to post a review, but it doesn’t make the process easy for Windiko buyers. In fact, many Windiko reviewers are unsatisfied with the site’s quality.

Lilicloth has been operating a scam for at least eight months, and Trustpilot has done nothing to stop it. Because the company is responsible for the scam, they should bear responsibility for the money lost by their customers. Trustpilot is claiming to have removed 38 million fake reviews by 2020, but admits that most of them were posted before that date.

We are concerned that the Trustpilot rating is too heavily skewed towards recent reviews. This means that some companies buy fake reviews and use them to boost their TrustScore. The only way to eliminate fake reviews from Trustpilot is to ensure that the reviews come from genuine customers only.

FAQ ABOUT : Windiko Reviews

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  • Address on this portal : 906 Hummingbird Dr San Jose (California), 95125
  •  payments : VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.
  •  Return policy : 30-day
  • lists products such as slippers and rompers.
  • Refund status : few days
  • Phone number : +1 707 327 438
  •  Email address  :
  • During our research : 02/06/2021
  • Product handling : up to 1-5 days.
  • Social Connections – N/A
  • Trust Score – N/A
  • Alexa Rank : 585953
  • categories : Clothing and footwear

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