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When it comes to online shopping, there are a few important things you should know before ordering anything from Tomeev. For starters, their return policy is ridiculous. You’ll have to pay the shipping costs to return your items, which means you’ll never get your money back. Also, the customer service is poor, and their delivery time is terrible. This makes it difficult to buy from Tomeev.

Tomeev has a poor reputation

The website Tomeev Reviews has an unreliable reputation. Its customer service is very poor and their return policy is unrealistic. The company will not refund shipping costs if you decide to return the product. The terms and conditions are also very unclear, making it nearly impossible to get your money back in full. Like many other similar sites, Tomeev has poor delivery times and customer support.

There is no physical address on the Tomeev website. Their address is a fictitious one. Its location is a fictional one at 85 Tottenham Court Road in London. A Google map shows three other businesses at that address. Moreover, they do not have a trust seal on their website, making them vulnerable to online hackers.

Poor customer service

The website of Tomeev has very little customer support. The website is barely a few weeks old. In fact, its registration date is the 23rd of June 2022, which means that it will expire in a few weeks. If you are considering buying goods from Tomeev, consider some of these important factors:

The website is not very reliable, because it is not backed up by a physical address. In fact, it isn’t even located in this area. Moreover, it doesn’t have a trustworthy trust index. And, it hides a lot of information on its website. It doesn’t have a phone number, whatsapp number, or FAQ page.

The customer experience is becoming more important for companies. Research from Zendesk found that a bad experience will keep a customer from returning to a business. Even worse, a poor experience will lead them to switch to a competitor. This is a big deal, because no business can afford to lose customers to its competitors.

Poor customer service is defined as an insufficient level of service. It can include anything from the time taken to answer a phone call to the quality of service. It can also be the overall experience of a company. Can be caused by a number of issues, such as insufficient communication or a lack of resources.

Poor delivery time

The delivery time of products on Tomeev is pretty poor. This is because of two reasons. The first is that the website is only a few weeks old. The second is that it will not be in business for long. The website was launched on 23 June 2022 and is due to expire on 23 June 2023. Neither of these are great factors to consider when purchasing items from Tomeev.

Regardless of the reason for the poor delivery time, Tomeev has a good selection of genuine connections. The website also offers a lot of options and policies. Unfortunately, the site isn’t popular and doesn’t have a very high trust index. The website’s speed is also poor. The payment options are also limited. The website does not accept cash, but does allow for PayPal.

Poor trust score

The Tomeev website is very new and the trust index and trust score is not that high. The website is not popular and the speed is poor. It does not have a trust seal and hides a lot of information from the users. In addition, there are no social media pages and no free shipping option. This makes it very vulnerable to online hackers.

The company has been running a fraudulent Lilicloth review scam for over eight months. However, the company has not taken action on other websites operated by the scam. The company should be held accountable for the money that has been lost. Although the company says it is removing fake reviews, the truth is that 95% of the reviews were posted before the Trustpilot platform was launched.

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  • Address: Supic Company Limited, 85 Tottenham Court Road, 85 Tottenham Court Road, Greater London-W1T4TQ
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