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While we can’t say that Sixshe is a scam, the website appears to be a reputable ecommerce website with a wide variety of positive consumer reviews. Unfortunately, the number of Sixshe reviews is somewhat mixed, as there are complaints regarding sizing and delivery. Hopefully this article will give you some insight into this company’s pros and cons.

Negative TrustScore

Consumer reviews for Sixshe are mixed, but the store’s website looks legitimate. While there are some good reviews on the store, the website does not use social media to interact with its consumers. It is important to look at both the good and bad reviews from other consumers to determine whether or not a store is legitimate. Sixshe customers have complained about delivery problems, size issues, and delayed delivery. Consumers should do their research before making a purchase from a website that does not use social media.

The website for Sixshe has a positive feedback score, with mostly five-star reviews. It also offers free shipping, which is great for consumers. The company is relatively old, but it still has plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Consumers can check reviews to determine if Sixshe offers a return policy. Consumers can also read customer reviews on other e-commerce websites to determine whether the company stands behind its product quality.

Sixshe Reviews

Consumers who bought from Sixshe can return items within 30 days of purchase if they are broken or defective. However, the company hasn’t posted its social media logo on its website, and this may lead some consumers to mistrust the website. The Sixshe website doesn’t display any social media logo, making it difficult to see the owner’s face or their personal information.

The website’s content is vague. For example, the site mentions the threshold amount required for free shipping on different pages. It also doesn’t mention which products fall under the clothing category. Sixshe is a virtual shopping platform for women’s fashion, and it offers a variety of products, including clothing and footwear.

Sixshe ships orders within 24 hours and offers a thirty-day return policy. The company will refund you for damaged or defective items if you contact them within a week of receiving your product. Sixshe ships internationally, but the company’s return policy is somewhat restrictive.

Negative threat profile

A lot of consumer feedback about Sixshe reviews shows the company as reputable. Consumers rate the company as a five-star retailer and the company has free shipping on orders over $79, but there are several concerns about the company. First, it lacks a strong social media presence and a trustworthy reputation. Second, there are a number of unsatisfactory quality issues, such as size issues.

Return policy

Sixshe reviews offer a 30-day return policy. To make use of this policy, customers should return any unused, unworn, and undamaged items. Refunds are processed within seven business days. Customers can also exchange broken or defective items. The return policy can be found on the Sixshe website.

Sixshe reviews have also noted that the company ships orders within 24 hours. However, if you experience a problem with your purchase, you can return it within thirty days of purchase. In addition, you can get a refund if your Sixshe purchase is faulty. The return policy is easy to follow and offers you peace of mind.

Although Sixshe has a positive feedback score and a number of positive reviews, there are a few complaints about the size and delivery of your product. While these complaints are not necessarily valid, you should still do your research before making a purchase from the site. Additionally, check the PayPal scam tips to be on the safe side.

Although the Sixshe site has numerous positive reviews, many consumers are not happy with their purchase. Many consumers report experiencing delivery delays and size problems. Because this is an internet business, it’s hard to verify their credibility. However, if you are planning to make a purchase, make sure to read their return policy first.

Although there is a 30 day return policy, there are some problems with this. For example, if the product is damaged or defective, you should return it within 30 days. Otherwise, you can still receive a refund within a week of receiving the item. However, you’ll have to pay the return shipping fees for the return. Despite the fact that sixshe’s website has a good reputation with shoppers, it’s still worth checking out customer feedback to make sure the site is legitimate.

Customer feedback

Sixshe Reviews is a reputable online retailer that specializes in women’s clothing and footwear. Its mission statement is to bring fashion to every woman’s life, and it has a reputation for offering high-quality items at the best prices. However, there have been complaints about the size and quality of the items. Hence, it is crucial for customers to read customer feedback before making a purchase.

While the Sixshe store does not use social media, there are a few reviews and comments posted about the brand online. Fortunately, most of these are positive, although there are also some negative reviews posted on ecommerce websites. Some of the complaints include delivery delays and size problems. It is recommended that consumers research online before making a purchase.

Sixshe’s products can be returned within 30 days. Its return policy covers any defective or damaged items, and there is a full refund policy. The company also offers a money-back guarantee, so customers can buy with confidence. Customers are encouraged to try out the products before making a final decision, but the company also offers an e-book that offers valuable tips on choosing the right style.

Customer feedback on Sixshe com has compiled numerous surveys from customers who bought items from the site. While the feedback is generally positive, there are some negative comments, which are not taken into account when assessing authenticity. However, consumers should still perform their own research and check out the legitimacy of the store before buying from it. You should also consider reading about PayPal scams before making a purchase.

Final Words

Besides clothes, the website also sells shoes and swimwear. Its products are aimed at women and are available in several categories. Among its many collections are a V-neck long-sleeve tassel dress, Good times kimono, casual mesh breathable sneakers, and a plus halter triangle bikini swimsuit.

FAQ About Sixshe Reviews

  • URL –
  • Product Category – Women’s Clothing, Dresses, Shoes, Swimsuit, and Rompers
  • Email Help –
  • Payment – PayPal, Apple Pay, and Card Payments
  • Phone Number – +1 502-833-8765
  • Address – N/A
  • Domain Registration – 9th July 2021
  • Returning Policy – 30 days
  • Social Media Presence – N/A

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