reviews reviews : If you’ve seen ads for this ancient-style free-match-three puzzle game, you’ve probably been wondering: Is it really a scam? Or is it just another one of those MLM companies? Regardless, the following is a brief review of and its reputation among consumers. While the website itself is legitimate, there are numerous complaints and conflicts about the shipping and delivery of the game. Moreover, the website’s rank on Google is low–no more than 500K, 5M, or 15M–which means that it is just another website among millions of other sites.

Jewel Castle is a MLM company

When people are looking for a MLM opportunity, they need to be sure that the business is legitimate. That’s where the reputation of Jewel Castle comes in. While this company sells jewelry and other products, its business model is suspicious. It has received negative reviews. Here are some of them. Read through them to determine whether Jewel Castle is a scam. And if you’re skeptical, you can always find real customer testimonials by checking out its website.

The website of Jewel Castleco appears to be based in the United States. This seems to indicate that the company operates from a local location. But there’s more to it than that. Besides its US location, there are other indicators that show that Jewelcastleco may be a scam. One of these factors is its Alexa rank. Alexa ranks websites based on page views and traffic. Whether Jewelcastleco has a good reputation or not depends on the reviewer’s experience.

It is a jewelry store

If you’re looking for jewelry online, Jewel Castle is a likely contender. But, is it a scam? Many consumers have expressed their displeasure with the organization and the lack of service, labeling the site as a gimmick. A customer on complained that she was ripped off after paying for a ring she didn’t receive. Then, she wanted her money back. While there are positive reviews about Jewel Castle, they aren’t enough to reassure customers who may be hesitant about buying from this site.

In addition to the complaints, there are also conflicting reviews regarding the site. Users are unsure if they can trust the site after receiving a shipment that never arrived. The website is also not ranked very high on search engines. While the rank is under 500K, it is closer to five or 15 million. It is likely that fake customer reviews are rampant. Regardless of whether they were created by a reputable company or not, a website with a low Alexa ranking is likely a scam.

It is a scam

Several online reviews have labeled the jewelry store,, as a scam. This is despite the fact that it is an ancient style, free match 3 puzzle game. There are many complaints about the shipment and delivery of the purchased items. Moreover, the website’s Alexa rank is very low – less than a million! It is easy to see that it is not the best place to spend your time – and the number of reviews on Jewelcastleco are not authentic.

There are some reviews of Jewel Castle, however, that don’t sound good. Customers have complained of poor customer service and have branded the company a gimmick. One such customer claims that she ordered a ring through Jewel Castle but didn’t receive it and is now seeking her money back. Despite the negative reviews, there is one thing that is clear – this is a scam! It’s hard to trust any jewelry store if you can’t see real customer reviews.

It has negative reviews

When it comes to reviews about Jewel Castle, you will find that many are not too pleased with the website. Many customers have complained about their service, which they called a scam, and have wanted their money back. This may sound like a very good thing, but the truth is that Jewel Castle has negative reviews and has not always lived up to the hype. Listed below are some of the reasons that customers are not satisfied with the service provided by Jewel Castle.

Fortunately, there are many reasons why has so many negative reviews. While it is true that the website is based in the United States, there are a few factors that indicate that the company has a lot of negative feedback from users. Their Alexa ranking, which reflects how many people visit the site, shows that they have a lot of negative reviews. In other words, they are probably a scam.

It is full of beautiful graphics

If you’ve ever looked up the scam, you may have noticed that the website is packed with beautiful graphics. The game itself, however, is very strange and suspicious. It is characterized as a free match-3 puzzle game and the site itself has been hacked multiple times. Unfortunately, there are also many complaints about shipping and delivery that have flooded the internet. If you have not yet heard of Scam Detectors VLDTR, you can read their review here.

Question and Answer Regarding Reviews

Q1 – Is really legit?

Ans- is not trusted in some cases According to many sources

Q2 – Can we believe on

Ans – Customers have complained of poor customer service and have branded the company a gimmick.

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