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Ecochamp is a company that sells surge protectors online. The company’s website provides little information, including how to cancel an order. Is Ecochamp a scam? It’s hard to tell, but a recent online ad spun a story about a poor single mother in St. Louis, Missouri. It also shows parts of a CNBC video, but adds its own text.

Ecochamp is an online retailer is an online retailer, but you should be careful about their legitimacy. Their website does not provide enough information to give you a true picture of their business. They do not have an Alexa rank, and their contact information is not readily available. You can also find no information about their owners or where they are based. Additionally, the site’s policies do not appear on the site. The website does not have any reviews from consumers.

Ecochamp is a website that sells various sports gear, including hiking and camping gear. It was founded in 2014 and has grown rapidly. The website’s main goal is to provide quality sports gear at reasonable prices. It is also dedicated to providing friendly customer service and offers a newsletter.

The site is similar to many other sites that have received many complaints. The site is not secured and does not provide a trust seal. Furthermore, it does not offer an order tracking facility. This means that you might have to contact customer support if you need to make a return. If you do decide to purchase from Ecochamp, you should be aware of the risks of exposing your sensitive personal information.

Ecochamp also offers a power saver. If you’re worried about fire safety, you should avoid purchasing this product. It’s similar to other suspicious websites that have scammed customers. Many people reported not receiving the items they purchased. In some cases, they received a cheap item, but nothing at all. Other similar scams include viviizstores, alien-tees, and crocodiletime.

It sells a surge protector

An EcoChamp surge protector is a great way to protect your home from power surges and severe overheating. It also helps your electronics work more efficiently and last longer. It also blocks harmful EMFs, which can cause chronic illnesses, fatigue, and headaches. An EcoChamp works by stabilizing your electric current and reducing harmful frequencies, so you won’t need to replace your old devices as often.

One thing to consider when buying a surge protector is its joule rating. The higher the joule rating, the more protection it offers. While a low joule rating may be fine for your bedside lamp or phone charger, a higher joule rating is better for expensive electronics like home theaters. A higher joule rating is also a good idea if you live in an area that gets heavy thunderstorms or hurricanes.

A surge protector works much like a power strip and has outlets for connecting electronics. It also has an on/off switch. While surge protectors are more expensive than normal power strips, they can protect your electronics from power surges. Power surges can damage your electronics and cause light to flicker.

A surge protector should be durable enough to last for three to five years. However, they may have to be replaced every two years, depending on the level of protection they provide. The best option is to purchase one from a reputable company. Ensure that the surge protector is UL certified for its protection from transient voltage surges.

A surge protector can also be plugged into an extension cord. The extension cord should be rated for the same or greater energy as the surge protector. However, it should not be plugged in when it is not needed. This could damage the surge protector and void its warranty.

It is a scam

The site Ecochamp Reviews appears to be legit and has a high trust rating, but there are some questions that need to be addressed. For instance, the website does not list who owns the domain or how long it has been up and running. It also does not list its policies or Alexa rank. In addition, it lacks published customer reviews.

The website ad features a stock video of businesspeople meeting and endorsing EcoChamp. In the video, a company representative says, “It’s just a matter of time before every home is fitted with an EcoChamp.” This statement is utter nonsense. A cybersecurity consultant, Chris Sistrunk, has claimed the same thing in a CNBC interview for a completely different story in 2019.

The Ecochamp device is unsafe. It could cause a fire in your home, which would be dangerous. Furthermore, it does not protect against lightning and AC line connections. Hence, it’s worth avoiding this scam. As a result, we can’t recommend it.

It doesn’t provide information on order cancellation

The Ecochamp website does not offer information on order cancellation or tracking. Moreover, it doesn’t provide any information about the owner or Alexa rank. Lastly, the website does not include any reviews or ratings. This makes it difficult to determine whether the website is trustworthy or not.

It is not connected to social media

You may be wondering how genuine Ecochamp Reviews is if the website doesn’t include any social media accounts or contact information. Moreover, there’s no trace of its owner, so it’s difficult to tell if the company is legit or not. Internet scams are increasingly common these days, and you should always use caution when making purchases online. Besides, the website’s content isn’t 100 percent original, and its Alexa rank is not listed. The site also lacks customer reviews, which are essential for a good online store.

Ecochamp is a site that sells athletic and journeying gear. It has experienced a great deal of traffic in the United States. If you’re considering purchasing sports gear online, it’s a great option to consider. While the site is highly popular, it can differ from other sites in many ways.

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